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Neal's Lesson Page

Currently taking a few number of students. If you are interested, feel free to email me at nhnagaoka@aol.com. I also teach via skype and facetime and accept paypal.

Neal's 12 Strange Philosophies

101: Pride Vs Humility: Pride is something that makes us strong, but if too strong, it tends to leads us to ego which ultimately dooms us to failure. Humility is something that comes within, You have to also earn it. I believe it is something that can not be taught but must be shown in order to see the true meaning and light. I believe we should have a balance of both to be successful.

102: Dignity? Is it a good thing or can it be a curse? I think if one has too much of, it can blind you and not see the whole picture clearly but I believe all of us must possess it in order to succeed in life. So what's the best solution? Have a good balance of it to be successful.

103: Ego... The ultimate killer.... This one needs no explanation. Its a universal message I think God is telling me to tell all musicians. Be Humble and you can succeed. Maybe even create a wonderful community and even build something extraordinary. Im sure this one will stir something huge. But lets be positive and I think maybe the world will be a better place.

104: Life's Puzzle: I believe the key to success in life is finding all the right pieces to the puzzle in your life. Most will never understand it. A lot might find a few pieces and find some success. A small few may actually figure it out and find great success. Only a very small handful will ever solve the actual puzzle and become a true legend.

105: Confidence? Something that alot of us lack in. How do we build it? That is always the big question. The problem is, when we are too confident, it lends itself into becoming ego. I guess its a trait that we need to find a good balance within ourselves in order for us to become successful.

106: Critisism: This is a tough subject. Because I am a teacher, I have to use this tool in order to teach my students in order for them to become better and see where they can improve on. The key is it has to be constructive for if its too harsh, it can destroy one's confidence which can lead to other bad traits. The problem is, everyone wants to be a critic but only a few are really qualified to be one. So what are the qualifications to be come a critic? I think that's a good question :-)

107: I believe we have to prioritize our lives in order to become successful. The problem is, it involves being patient in order for the things in life to go through and take its natural course. Something I know I lack in is patience and it has been a killer for me. I am still learning to find its balance. For some its very easy.... others, they just never get it!!! But one thing is for sure is that if we dont prioritize our lives correctly, everything becomes a huge mess.

108: Remind yourself the lesson you learned in life and pass along the teachings. Also listen to others for advice or you may never find an answer. If you are wondering, this is why I am posting these philosophies. As a reminder to myself not to forget the lessons I have learned.... for this is definitely one of my weaknesses. Many times the answer is so simple and clear but it gets distorted very easily. The problem is you listen to many things. I believe not all advices are correct so use your good judgment and common sense. If you feel its a bad advice, you now know what to avoid. So feel free to add to any of my strange philosophies. I am always looking for good answers. :-)

109: Be good to your family and friends I think this is my most important lesson I have finally learned. In life, your family and friends are your teachers and believe it or not, they are also your students as well. They learn from you as you learn from them. Dont ignore them for you will then never learn anything. When they need help, be a teacher and help them. Because some day, Im sure there will be times when you will need guidance as well.

110: Harmony and Peace For he who seeks justice by means of revenge will never find the true meaning of the words inner harmony. For one needs to find tranquility to be at peace or you will always be at war within yourself.

111: Friendship is a 2 way street. You must look both ways and respect the signs before you cross or accidents can happen.

112: Imitation can be the highest form of flattery but when does it become a mockary which can be the worst form of insult? It might be a great comedy routine but always at someones expense.

Ok Now for the regular Guitar Lesson stuff:

Circle Of 5ths

  • A graphical representation of the 12 key signatures:
  • Clockwise are the # keys,
  • Counterclockwise is the b keys:
  • Outside the circle represents the Major Key,
  • Inside the circle represents its relative minor key.
Circle Of 5ths

Sweep Picking

Lesson 1 : Sweep Charts

Lesson 2 : Sweeping Lessons

Lesson 3 : Drop 2 Voicings


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